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about us

africaonline is about impactful all-solutions connectivity, the kind that empowers small to medium businesses and homes across Namibia to grow, learn and thrive. We stand for innovation, focus, and consistency. But we are also driven to look further, reach wider, and strive harder.
It’s what Namibians do!
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who we are

africaonline shares the wisdom of experience and the confidence of knowledge. We encourage independence and support ambition. africaonline makes it easy to access connectivity. The kind that is powerful, efficient, and intuitive. africaonline thrives on honest relationships with our customers, staff, partners, and suppliers. Our interactions are always friendly, respectful, and dynamic.

our vision

Enabling Namibia to realise the full potential of high-speed connectivity – with access to innovation, reliability, and affordability – cultivating inspiration, encouraging growth, and empowering individuals, businesses and communities.

our mission

To become essential to our customers by providing innovative, diverse products, complete services and high customer care levels that allow them to thrive and achieve their ambitions.

our values

Namibian Pride

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No Problem! You can top it up by sending us a message requesting additional data using our chat channels (see chat icon on the bottom right), or give us a call on the following numbers 061 291 1111, 081 268 9555, 085 550 8728.