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4g lte

Want to better understand what exactly is 4G LTE? Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a 4G wireless communication standard that is designed to provide the fastest internet speeds for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. 

LTE technology delivers significantly higher speeds than its 3G predecessor technology, providing uninterrupted and reliable connectivity that is immediate and constant. Talk about unrivalled connectivity! 

Product Description

africaonline’s 4G LTE technology is ideal for personal, home or small business use. It is also an excellent, cost-effective choice as a plan B if primary internet access technology fails.

Our 4G LTE offering includes a dongle or wireless router and a SIM card. The wireless router allows up to 64 Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect and share the internet connection, while the Wi-Fi dongle device can support up to10 Wi-Fi devices. That means you can enjoy world-class connectivity with your family and friends – at the same time! So whether it’s Tiktok, Facetime or work that needs to be done – your whole household will be able to be connected to airborne internet with no cables and no fuss. 

Headline download speeds are up to 100Mbps on 4G depending on the user’s signal strength and proximity to the base station. For more information on estimated performance speeds, please refer to our FAQ section. 

Our packages include a limited data package with capped capacity and the option to purchase additional top up data, as well as an uncapped package. So no matter what your need, there is an LTE solution for you! 

Application Scenarios

LTE is ideal for the following: 

  • Personal (home) or small business internet connectivity
  • Redundant internet connectivity for a small or medium business
  • Travellers who work from around the country (within coverage) and would like to take the internet connection with them by using a dongle 

Where is the 4G LTE Service available?

Our 4G LTE service is available in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Otjiwarongo, Okahandja and Rehoboth and is always expanding! Please contact our team to confirm availability in your area.

Options and Pricing

There are three different packages to choose from –  90GB, 160GB and finally completely unlimited with no fair usage policy.

The 90GB package comes with a Wi-Fi dongle, while the 160GB and Unlimited packages include a wireless Router and SIM Card.

Product Monthly (24 month contract) Capping Device included
LTE 90 N$ 775 90 GB Wi-Fi dongle
LTE 160 N$ 975 160 GB Wi-Fi router
LTE Unlimited N$ 1,499 Unlimited Wi-Fi router

Additional Information:

  • Once off connection fee: N$ 285
  • Additional Data: N$ 15 / GB
  • All pricing excludes VAT


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4g lte

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4g lte

Is your data almost finished?

No Problem! You can top it up by sending us a message requesting additional data using our chat channels (see chat icon on the bottom right), or give us a call on the following numbers 061 291 1111, 081 268 9555, 085 550 8728.