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If you are looking for customization, control and security for your brand online – registering a domain is a great way to do this! africaonline offers a range of domains, including both Namibian .na domains and .com.na ones. 

This means you can host websites, web servers, email servers and a variety of other services on the internet with a unique name which resolves to a specific network IP address.

Domains are referenced via the DNS (Domain Name Server) service, which allows any internet user to navigate to a specific address on the internet. This works in much the same way as a traditional address on a physical letter would allow that letter to be delivered to the correct premises. 

Why register your own domain?

Your own unique domain is also required in order to customise your email address or to have your business website be hosted with its own unique name. Instead of having an @gmail.com account, why not get your own @yourcompanyname.na account? Having a domain with personality which houses your products, services and profiles your company enhances your reputation and lends credibility to your brand. 

It also makes it easier for customers to find you and learn more about you and your products or services and also allows you to rank better in search engine results. This means that your website is more likely to appear near the top of the result list that the search engine produces. 

Since many customers use search engines to find what they are looking for, it is important that your website ranks highly, especially in comparison to your competitors and within your industry. This competitive advantage is likely to pay dividends in the long term, with more consumers choosing your product or service over others! 

You may also choose to register multiple domains – like common typos made when trying to spell your brand, or different extensions. These can all resolve to one place and make sure prospective customers are highly likely to find you, and check out what you have on offer. 

Domain Registration & Renewal Pricing

A once-off registration cost is applicable for domain registration with affordable annual renewal fees, to keep your domain as your brand’s forever home. The domain pricing overview can be found below.

If your desired domain extension is not listed below, please contact our sales department to see if we can assist you. 

Domain Registration Renewal (Annual)
.na N$ 5,175 N$ 4,040
.co.na N$ 1,000 N$ 620
.alt.na, edu.na N$ 750 N$ 485
.org.na N$ 750 N$ 485
.com.na N$ 760 N$ 495
.net.na N$ 805 N$ 510
.com N$ 445 N$ 445

All pricing excludes VAT. Other domains available (POR)


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domain registration

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domain registration

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