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Backing up information and data is essential for any home or business user! This is so that all information is recoverable in the event of disaster or some kind of data failure. 

This could include your hard drive crashing, a device being stolen, power surges damaging a device, fire or water damage, a virus or a ransomware attack. Instead of facing the prospect of lost work, missing information or the loss of precious memories, it is always a good idea to back up your machines.

Any data which is not backed up is sadly susceptible to being lost or damaged, that’s why africaonline’s Backups for Africa gives you the ultimate peace of mind. 

Product Description

Backups for Africa is a software solution which ensures that your critical data is stored, backed up and easily recoverable in the event of theft, virus attack or hardware failure. 

The data will be securely backed up to the cloud with redundancy and is available to be restored to your device or accessed wherever and whenever you have connection to the internet. Easy! 

The solution gets installed on your local machine or server by our professional team and will recover your information to the last point prior to corruption or loss. 

Why backup your data?  

Need convincing? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite stats and facts which underscore the necessity of data backups: 

  • Approximately 37% of global organizations said they were the victim of some form of ransomware attack in 2021
  • Small businesses are especially vulnerable as they do not always have firewalls or other ransomware protection in place
  • 1 in 10 computers is infected with viruses monthly
  • Files are often deleted or overwritten due to user error
  • Corruption of data is possible due to hardware or software failure
  • Removable media can be unreliable and become compromised  

Safe to say then, that backing up is not just recommended, it’s in fact essential! 

Who needs backup?

Our team can manage all backups for you for an end-to-end solution. Some examples of who we suggest may need consistent and frequent backups: 

  • Individual clients and home users
  • Backup service providers
  • IT support companies
  • SMEs
  • Large enterprise companies

What can we backup?

Our team are able to back up all of the following: 

  • Windows servers
  • Windows desktops/laptops
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

Types of backup?

We are able to back up all file types, plus: 

  • Accounting data 
  • Disk Images (full operating system and files)*
  • Microsoft 365*
  • Microsoft SQL*
  • Microsoft Hyper V*
  • Microsoft Exchange*
  • MongoDB*

*requires an add-on module

Features of Backups for Africa

Nifty features of Backups for Africa include: 

  • Data deduplication on the client’s side to avoid large duplicate data uploads
  • The ability to restore data quickly and easily 
  • Encrypted backup transfer to the cloud
  • Ability to keep all your data from the first day of backup
  • The ability to restore any version of the file, forever
  • Automatically start a missed backup on laptops that were turned off

Advantages of Backups for Africa

The major pros of our service include the following: 

  • Easy set up
  • Detailed reporting to your inbox
  • Fast & secure 
  • Does not require many computer resources
  • Easy self-restore

Backups for Africa Options

Backup options and pricing are based on the amount of data that needs to be backed up, plus any additional specific requirements.

Storage Pricing

Storage Size Monthly Price
25 GB N$ 200
50 GB N$ 300
100 GB N$ 360
200 GB N$ 400
500 GB N$ 500
1000 GB N$ 1,000
2000 GB N$ 1,300
5000 GB N$ 2,000

Add-on Modules

Add on Modules Monthly Price
Full image N$ 100
Hyper-V N$ 500
Microsoft Exchange N$ 500
SQL Server N$ 500


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backups for africa

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backups for africa

Is your data almost finished?

No Problem! You can top it up by sending us a message requesting additional data using our chat channels (see chat icon on the bottom right), or give us a call on the following numbers 061 291 1111, 081 268 9555, 085 550 8728.